The Lord of Gods

And thus it was that the proud god Io, forefather of dragons, went forth alone to meet that formidable primordial known as the King of Terror. The confrontation raged fierce between the divine and the base for long days as grievous wounds were wrought by both upon the form of the other. It continued in such ferocity unabated until the vile King of Terror took up his crude axe and dealt to noble Io a fearsome blow that shattered his divine form, hewing the valiant god in twain.

Io’s True form is a mystery to almost all dragons with the exception of his direct children, Bahamut, and Tiamat. He encompasses all creation and there thus takes the form befitting to those that behold him. It is said that the largest dragons that ever lived is even smaller than one of Io scales, which has a blue and red color.

Domains: Magic, Time, Dragons

History of Bahamut and Tiamat

Io’s first child was a small, simple-minded dragon called Vorel. Vorel’s name means “beautiful” in Draconic, for beautiful it was, perfect of scale and form. Next Io created a pair of children, male and female he created them: Bahamut and Tiamat were their names. Io intended them to grow up and mate, producing children that combined the best traits of each. Instead, the two were immediate rivals, yet Io would not choose a favorite between them. After many failed schemes to make herself look better and Bahamut worse, Tiamat hatched a diabolical plan: she slew her sibling Vorel and framed Bahamut for the awful deed. Io, however, carefully sought out the truth, and sorrowfully banished his daughter Tiamat from his presence. Tiamat turned utterly to hatred and Evil, while her brother Bahamut, ever her rival, turned to Good in order to oppose her. So it was that Io lost three of his children: the first to death, the second to Evil, and the last to Good.


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