The Gambling Spider

His teachings are of such wisdom. Ananzi usually appears as a spider, or as a tall and thin human man, with short black hair. Many Ananzi stories deal with attempts to trick people into allowing him to steal food or money, or something else that could turn a profit, or convincing multiple female victims of his sexual prowess.

Ananzi’s followers include many rogues, bards, and clerics. The Rogues take from the spider’s agility and secrecy, while the bards tell of the many stories and legends tied to the trickster god. The Cleric’s worship his intelligence, and usually ask that such knowledge of the world is passed onto them. To become such a cleric, the person much undergo a task set by Ananzi himself. This task usually includes tricking someone, or stealing something and getting away with it. His symbol is a large spider holding a die in his two front lets.

Domains: Trickery, Chaos, Animal, Luck


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