Tales of The Terran

Tales of the Terran I: Session 4

Sea Cats and Hydras, Yay Us!

Chapter 7. Battles of the Mourning

Now level three, the PC’s move on. Blathraid leads the way through the Tojanda’s home, under a hidden passageway through the rough walls, and into another chamber. The passageway leading to the chamber goes down deep, and at the time, Blathraid dared swim down, in case she surfaced and found that no air was accessible. Once she had assured herself that the passageway was moderately safe, she guided her team through and onto the next room. Her team ends up being not as good swimmers as she, and in the comical end, Darien and her end up saving Ruby and Osan. Kiba makes it on his own well enough.

The next room is an odd one, and carries a large island in the middle of a seeming pool of water. This pool is dark, and goes down as deep as the passageway did. On the island is a great, and visible amount of treasure, from gleaming gold, to weapons, armor, and trinkets of all kinds. It was instantly clear to the group though, that this was no pirate’s hoard. It was much too deep in the cavern to belong to the pirates.

The group then spots something swimming below them. A dark, shadowed figure swoops through the waters beneath the players, and for their own safety they high-tail it onto the mound of gold. Moments after the last foot touches coin, a monstrous Sea Cat erupts from the water and attacks the closest PC possible. Though the battle is won, the highlights are as such: Blathraid and Osan take the most damage out of the four PCs. Ruby botches a swing of her blade and accidentally dashes Kiba. and Darien finishes off the beast is a fatal blow to it’s neck.

After the Sea Cat is destroyed, the PC’s find refuge and begin to rummage through the mountain of treasure for items that they could use. They also stuff their pockets with as much gold as possible.

Chapter 8. Hidden Passageways



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